I am a physician from Dhaka, Bangladesh. After graduating the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from a prestigious medical school in Bangladesh in 2007, I worked as an attending physician in two hospitals in Dhaka city. I moved to the USA in 2010 and completed all United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE) to pursue the residency program. My interest in clinical research helped me to be involved with MASALA study where I joined as a research intern in 2014 and in January, 2016,  I started working as a research coordinator.  I am very excited to identify the causes WHY South Asian peoples are suffering from more cardiovascular disease and diabetics. I am also working as a research assistant with the Department of Medicine research group at Highland General Hospital, at Oakland, California where I am a coauthor of three Abstracts in three conferences, one manuscript at JGIM (submitted January, 2016) and one poster presentation at SHM 2016.