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Namratha Kandula, MD, MPH, is a general internist in the Division of General Internal Medicine. Her research focuses on the social and cultural determinants of health and on the translation of evidence-based interventions to promote optimal health in underserved settings. Dr. Kandula received her B.A. in Religious Studies from Bryn Mawr College, her MD and MPH from Tufts University, and completed her residency at New York University/Bellevue Hospital.  As a medical student, she spent one year working in Dhaka, Bangladesh examining how the transition of women from rural areas into urban areas, to work in garment factories, was impacting the health of their children.  Dr. Kandula moved to Chicago in 2001 and was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar at the University of Chicago.  Her research program is focused on understanding the social and cultural dimensions of health from the patient’s perspective, and on trying to develop community models for cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention. Dr. Kandula has the privilege of being both a researcher and clinician, and her patient’s voices are central to shaping her research vision.