Himali Bharucha, will work with the Northwestern staff to enroll new participants from Chicagoland communities into the study. Ms. Bharucha is a multilingual-bicultural staff member and is one of the supervisors for the Metropolitan Asian Family Services (MAFS) home health care worker program. She also teaches citizenship and English as a Second Language classes at MAFS and has well-established relationships with community organizations that serve South Asians in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Ms. Bharucha has worked with Northwestern University for over 5 years and successfully coordinated all activities for two pilot studies titled “Translating a Heart Disease Lifestyle Intervention into the Community” and “Community Clinic Partnership to Promote Physical Activity among South Asian Women” where she conducted recruitment, conducted clinical assessments and was critical to retention for both studies. Ms. Bharucha looks forward to meeting with community members to recruit additional participants into the MASALA Study and increase the community’s awareness on South Asian health and factors leading to heart disease.