Thank you for your interest in the MASALA study!

We are very happy to share some good news with you. We recently received a new grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue the MASALA study cohort and to conduct a second study visit. The purpose of this second visit will be to understand more about how social relationships, such as family, friends, and community can influence health behaviors and cardiovascular health. We plan to conduct the next study visit at a location convenient for you, such as a place close to your work or home. The visit will consist of an interview about MASALA participants' social networks and we will also be re-measuring weight, waist, and blood pressure. We plan to begin contacting MASALA participants in September 2014 for this new phase of the study.

We hope that each of you will participate in the second MASALA study visit which will lead to important new information on how social and cultural factors play an important role in health. We truly appreciate your time and willingness to continue to remain engaged in the MASALA study. Together, we will advance knowledge about the causes of heart disease and other health problems in the South Asian community and together, we will find the solutions.

We hope to see you at our 2nd study visit examination in 2014!



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