MASALA Northwestern University Team

MASALA Northwestern University Team

Gayatri, age 52, shares how being involved in the MASALA Study has influenced her life.

“My husband had a heart attack when he was 42, no previous history, he was not overweight, no prior indicators that this should happen to him. His doctor was also taken by surprise.

So when I heard about the study, I felt it was important and I wanted to support and contribute to it.”

Has your participation benefitted you? Please tell us how.

“Oh my goodness, tremendously. When I came in for my Exam 2 visit, my blood pressure was so high. My regular routine includes, exercising every day, walking the dog, walking between 3-5 miles. My body Mass Index (BMI) was fine. I eat a plant-based diet and I do not use a lot of sugar.

There was no indication that my blood pressure should be that high. If it hadn’t been for the MASALA Study, I wouldn’t know about my high blood pressure.

I am one of the younger participants in the study and this happened to me at this age, so there are people in their 60s in the study, who would be prime candidates of what happened to me. Going to my visit helped me diagnose this issue.

The MASALA Study has helped me avoid a stroke or heart attack.”